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Membraneless Redox Flow Battery

HalioGEN Power is making renewable energy accessible all the time

We will contribute to achieve net zero emissions by creating a cheap, efficient and sustainable energy storage technology.

Our solution is a membraneless flow battery that uses abundant raw materials for long-term energy storage (>10 hours). Our system has low CAPEX and OPEX requirements; high efficiency and sustainability, high energy density and non-flammability. By now, we have successfully developed a 200 Wh prototype device.

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

12 publications and 1 patent

6 years’ academic and industrial experience in energy storage and conversion devices 

Principal Scientist and Co-founder

>25 publications, 5 patents with 1 currently licenced to industry 

10 years’ research experience in energy storage devices  

Senior Scientist and Co-founder

8 publications and 1 patent

1 year research experience in RFBs

Professor of Electrochemistry at the UoM and Director of HalioGEN Power 

>20 years of experience in energy storage

Founding member of Molymem PLC and has over 10 Patents 

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